The AME Sunday School Union was established to furnish the church with needed educational materials.  Over time, the AME Publishing House emerged to meet the emergent needs of a growing denomination through publications that represent and serve various church entities and ministries.

As we enter into the third glorious century of our existence, the Publishing House must respond again to changing information platforms. My aim is to expand the Publishing House into the multimedia and communications arm of African Methodism. Whether online or in print, in video or on the page, the Publishing House must be the conduit through which the voice of the AME Church is heard.

Roderick’s Vision for President / Publisher

Publishing is an indispensable element of any church or denomination. It is important to communicate effectively as people contemplate God and faith. Let’s move into the Church’s third glorious century with fresh and innovative media.

As President/Publisher, I will ensure that the Sunday School Union’s publications:

  • Tell the story of the past, present and future of the A.M.E. Church
  • Use emerging technology to reach people within the church and beyond
  • Have impact, are visually pleasing, and tie strategically to denominational goals
  • Honor the rich tradition and history of the Church

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